Got the “Bike is Parked” Blues

Posted on 16th October 2011 by Brad in Living

Hey everybody, its been a bit since I’ve done a post on here. That is mostly because the bike has been garaged since my last post. We decided that the noise it has been making is bad enough that I probably shouldn’t be riding on it. When I have run it by others, they say that it is likely the valves that need to be adjusted. In my experience, the ticking happens for a bit, and then stops for awhile, but it always comes back. Another observation I have had is that the oil light seems to light up depending on whether or not it is ticking. The oil light is almost always on when I start it. When I ride it, either the oil light will go out after a short time, or it will start ticking. After some time, the ticking will stop, and the light will be out.

After running that information by another experienced rider, it was suggested that there may be a problem with the oil pump on the bike, which I think feels right. We have looked into what that entails and it looks to be a much bigger operation than I would feel comfortable performing. So, the bike has been garaged for awhile now and after the fantastic weather we had here this weekend I found myself longing for a ride. Short on cash at the moment, and even if I had the money I don’t know a good place to take it. Either way, I remembered it had been a minute since I wrote anything here, so I just wanted to touch base with those of you who are still tuned in.

Take it easy!

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  1. Oil light sounds as if the pump is giving out. Or there is blockage. The ticking could have been caused by that. Yeap! Don’t ride until it is checked out.

    Comment by Webster World — October 26, 2011 @ 1:31 pm

  2. No ridin’ with this condition lurking around. I’m with Webster on this one. As my bike heats up, the normal valve noise becomes worse as the oil “thins” out. The oil pressure drops when the oil is hot. Knowing that, it sounds like you have a blockage someplace. The cold, thick oil cant’ flow freely through whatever is restricting it, and as the bike heats up, the heated dino-shit thins out and can manage to get through whatever it is restricting the flow. If my guess is correct then the blockage is someplace before the oil pressure switch that activates your oil lamp.

    I know this is really going to sound stupid, but did you check the oil level? Been there…so….well, just sayin’ that it does happen.

    I don’t think it would be a valve adjustment because I’m pretty certain your bike has self adjusting hydralic lifters. This might give you an explanation as to why the noise stops when the oil pressure lamp goes out.

    Oil pump? I dunno, if it was the pump you would think it would work fine until the oil heated up and thinned. A worn pump would do worse with heated oil I would think and you would have the opposite problems that you are dealing with currently.

    just my jack-assed opinion…good luck with that. I’m going to dig into this some more myself. I wanna’ know what is going on here. Let us know when you nail the problem.

    Comment by FLHX_Dave — October 26, 2011 @ 6:26 pm

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